Get Up Close & Personal! The AKA 3D Digital Signage Brings Interactive 3D Characters To You In Real Time

Get Up Close & Personal! The AKA 3D Digital Signage Brings Interactive 3D Characters To You In Real Time

"AKA Virtual Unveils Its Latest Technology Using Motion Tracking and AI Chatbot"

Sep 20, 2023 – AKA Virtual (CEO Shen Jia, Tokyo, Japan) unveils its in-house system “AKA 3D Digital Signage” for the first time to the public at Tokyo Game Show 2023 from 21 September 2023 (Thursday) all the way through 24 September 2023 (Sunday) in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. The “AKA 3D Digital Signage” revolutionizes the human-AI interaction by allowing fans to converse and pose with their favourite characters.

The activations at Tokyo Game Show 2023 look to service B-to-B clients such as gaming companies and brand owners. AKA Virtual will be exhibiting in Hall 4 of Makuhari Messe at booth 04-N22 with “AKA 3D Digital Signage” featured in 2 key monitors. Visitors are welcomed to try out the “photo kiosk” feature and the “AI chat bot” feature in person.

The “photo kiosk” activation may look seemingly unassuming in the corner but the displayed visuals transform to include the visitor as they walk closer to it. Using motion tracking technology, the system is able to pick up motion and have the 3D character within the screen react to the visitor. Gaming companies and brands can use this at fanmeets and product launches to prompt more interactions and engagement with their audience. 

This feature was first introduced to tattoo lovers at the Inkbox / Invasion Club installation in Laforet in Harajuku, Tokyo. The setup features Devi, an iconic character of Invasion Club, posing with onlookers as they approach the Inkbox store within Laforet. The Laforet installation will be available for public enjoyment from now until the end of November 2023, offering shoppers and visitors an exciting and interactive experience in the heart of Tokyo.

The “AI chat bot” activation has an interface that distinguishes itself from its peers and really enhances human-AI interaction in the real world. Contrary to the usual text only interfaces to instruction based LLM’s, AKA’s take on the AI chat bot comes with a friendly smile, voice and full body motion. The “AI chatbot” activation allows visitors to speak to the AI and receive a verbal response but also dynamic body movement. This system can be used for content creation but also more interpersonal conversations with the virtual idol. 

Engineered by the brilliant team of AKA Virtual, the “AKA 3D Digital Signage” promises to be a game-changing moment in the world of virtual interactions. Visit AKA Virtual at booth 04-N22 at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 to witness the future of human-AI interaction and explore the endless creative possibilities it offers. 

Please note that AKA Kiosk at Laforet and the Tokyo Game Show 2023 exhibition dates are as follows:
Laforet Installation
Available now through November 30, 2023
⁠Laforet Harajuku
1 Chome-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

Tokyo Game Show 2023 Schedule
September 21, 2023: Business Day (Limited to Business Day Pass holders)
September 22, 2023: Business Day (Limited to Business Day Pass holders)
September 23, 2023: Public Day
September 24, 2023: Public Day
Maruhari Messe
2 Chome-1 Nakase, Mihama Ward, Chiba, 261-8550